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I am Floortje, owner of floortje.louise – a creative studio focussed on styling and (art) photography.

I am fascinated by nature, most of all the cycle of seasons; the inspiration behind the project ‘a hymn to nature’. 
these art prints express the details from this cycle in an abstract way – if you look hard enough you see the whole cycle in every, even tiniest element of nature.
I want to inspire people to look at their own natural cycle, ’cause your own life cycle also has its seasons, and we are in need to tune into it.

the nature knows a cycle from growth and nourishment: spring, to excitement and abundance: summertime, to releasing and letting go: autumn, to the time of turning inward and silence: wintertime.
the trees let go of their leaves in autumn ’cause you can’t have unlimited growth, they have to make room for next year’s growth in springtime.
in mostly the western world, it’s always high summertime and that’s why we seriously deplete our resources.
with ‘a hymn to nature’ I want to inspire to see nature as a mirror and let go of our leaves just on time.

we are nature, and nature is part of us.

‘a hymn to nature’ is available in my webshop and in appropriate stores.





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